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Development Services

We love to work on a monthly/hourly development schedule, we can set your team… full time. Including Project Management, Designers, Developers, UX,  QA and all the infraestructure you need to accomplish your project goals.

Mobile App Development

We develop native mobile apps form multiple OS, we have a lot of experience in iOS, Android, Smart TV’s from the design, going trough the roadmapping and Deployment. If you want to build and APP give us a CALL.

Web Development & Design

website development

Expand your business through a strong virtual presence, we can develop in various platforms, taking care of your resource optimization. Our Mobile-first responsive aproach makes your site amazing in all platforms. Mandatory SEO optimization part of our Pre-defined process that make development faster.

Web Hosting

Your new digital projects can rely on our secure and affordable infraestructure

Social Media

Increase your exposure. We have been working with Social media for a long time, building Apps in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. Ask for our Social Media services and get the best Community manager for a great price


Maximize results by gamifying your concept. We have a SAAS application to implement with any system, if you need more information please write to info@pragawebstudio.com

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We are an Offshore Web and mobile development services company. Founded in 2006, Praga Web Studio has years of experience delivering first class web and mobile applications while being able to mantain low development costs.

Multinational companies trust their projects to us, as we are a big enough company to support your needs and still small enough to treat you the way you deserve.

We deliver complete solutions to your digital campains, ranging from your website, facebook applications, social media, social games, mobile websites, mobile applications on iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablet

Our Vision? We envision us, working for you and with you! Contact us directly to info@pragawebstudio.com and start worrying about your business’ growth, as with us by your side, it is the next thing to happen to your company.